Buck Wild

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Kara Faux, Aubrey Sinclair, Haven Rae and Madison Hart were just hanging in their dorm room wearing sexy underwear with some snow caps and scarfs on. Kara was throwing a little winter themed party since she had a snow machine. The girls were having a blast hanging out and talking about sex. They got really loud at one point while jumping on the beds, and their neighbor came wandering in. He saw what was going on and wanted in. The girls didn’t want him there at first, but then Kara just dragged him in anyway. After a bit more chatting, Kara was feeling freaky and started feeling him up and taking off his pants. Soon she was downing his dick, giving him head, and the other girls did not want to feel left out, so they started playing with each other. Kara got nailed hard on one bed while the other three babes took turns eating pussy.

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